Our Practices

Sustainable methods and materials. Like-minded partners. Domestic manufacturing.

Our Practices

We are a craft-based company whose foundation rests on sustainability. This commitment to the environment is incorporated into everything we do:

• Our made-to-order and small batch production process utilizes a zero waste model with minimal water use and no harmful chemicals.

• We have chosen our production partners with great care. We’re committed to working with manufacturers and suppliers who share our values and incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their operations.

• Our linens are made from flax, one of the most environmentally friendly fibers in the world. Naturally biodegradable, flax requires a fraction of the pesticides and fertilizers used for other fabrics.

• Every item we send from our studio is packaged using recycled, reused, and recyclable materials whenever possible. We only use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper for our stationery.

• We make all of our products as locally as possible. Our fabric is printed and our porcelain is hand-decorated in the U.S.A., our pillows and table linens are cut-and-sewn to order locally in Los Angeles, and our glass and paper goods hand-painted in our studio.


Zero waste production model.

Sustainable practices and materials.

Designed and made in the U.S.A.

Non-toxic inks and minimal water use.