About Us

Female-founded, artist-led. Rooted in craft and dedicated to sustainability.

Our Studio

Venable Moore is an artist-driven design studio based in Los Angeles. We specialize in made-to-order, one-of-a-kind, and small run pieces that range from textiles and soft furnishings to fine china and paper goods. The prints and patterns in our collections are all developed from the studio practice of our artist founder Meredith. Venable Moore provides an opportunity to marry her fine art with her love of decorative art and functional, joyful living. Each design begins with a hand-dyed, hand-painted, or hand-drawn original work.  

Where we are deeply rooted in craft, we also look to the future and lean into technology and tools that bring the home and design industries forward, empowering us to create cleaner products that still capture the artist’s hand. Embodying the intersection of craft and technology allows us to create a sustainable and zero waste model with the lowest environmental footprint. Our goal is to share our particular vision of beauty in the greenest way, providing heirloom quality pieces that will bring joy and utility for years to come and will enhance the elegance, coziness, and comfort of your space and way of life.  

Our Namesake

Our founder’s great grandfather, Venable Moore the man lived a rich and varied life. Born and raised in Tennessee, he served in the cavalry in the early nineteenth century before beginning a career as a fabricator of bridges. His work brought him to Dallas, Texas, where he would settle with his wife Anna Campbell and their three daughters. He traveled the state supplying iron beams for bridges and buildings, among them the Navarro Street bridge and central Post Office in downtown San Antonio. Later, he cofounded a company providing building materials for commercial projects. 

An entrepreneur and renaissance man, he was an avid reader, was well versed in Greek and Latin, wrote poetry, and sang in a choir. His commitment to beauty and function - a corollary to his love of bridges - informs our work and is foundational to our studio’s mission.

Our Practices

We are a craft-based company whose foundation rests on sustainability. This commitment to the environment is incorporated into everything we do:

• Our made-to-order and small batch production process utilizes a zero waste model with minimal water use and no harmful chemicals.

• We have chosen our production partners with great care. We’re committed to working with manufacturers and suppliers who share our values and incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their operations.

• Our linens are made from flax, one of the most environmentally friendly fibers in the world. Naturally biodegradable, flax requires a fraction of the pesticides and fertilizers used for other fabrics.

• Every item we send from our studio is packaged using recycled, reused, and recyclable materials whenever possible. We only use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper for our stationery.

• We make all of our products as locally as possible, with our fabric printed and porcelain hand-decorated in the USA, pillows and table linens cut-and-sewn to order locally in Los Angeles, and glass and paper goods hand-painted in our studio.


Zero waste production model.

Sustainable practices and materials.

Designed and made in the U.S.A.

Non-toxic inks and minimal water use.